(1949). The Sikorsky (model S-55), initially procured in November 1949, was the World's first transport helicopter. The 12-place H-19 (redesignated UH-19 in 1962), with a crew of two, served as a utility, troop carrier, and rescue helicopter with winch. Model numbers ranged from A thru D. In the MedEvac role it could carry six litters and one medical attendant. For the first time casualties could be carried and attended to under cover, within the aircraft. Two companies of H-19 Chickasaw helicopters proved the value of helicopter transport by moving cargo and personnel during the final months of the Korean war and then by participating in prisoner exchanges and other functions after the cessation of hostilities. The Sikorsky (model S-55) was licensed and built in Great Britain as the "Whirlwind". The UH-19 had a three-bladed main rotor and a metal two-bladed tail rotor. Models A thru C were powered by a single Pratt & Whitney R-1340-57 550 hp engine. Model D was powered by a Curtis-Wright R-1300-3D 700hp piston engine. The Chickasaw had a speed of 113 mph (98 knots). The UH-19D had a cruising speed of 75 mph (65 knots).

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